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At Naboot Micro Lending Company (Awn), we offer a unique proposition for the financial industry, specifically in Saudi Arabia. Building on a proven and tested concept, we provide consumer microfinance services using state-of-the-art digital technology, with user experience at the forefront of our approach.


Our pricing structure is simple and transparent, based on a fixed cost. Additionally, we offer a reward program to incentivize and engage our customers.


As a niche player, we focus on serving a segment of consumers who require short-term and low amounts of credit.


At Naboot Micro Lending Company (Awn), we aspire to contribute to the financial well-being and inclusion of our customers by providing trusted solutions that give them access to affordable financing. We are committed to promoting a sustainable approach to managing debt and increasing our customers' financial freedom. Our Sharia-compliant finance activities and commitment to meeting regulatory requirements and Saudi Arabia 2030 vision underscore our dedication to providing ethical and responsible financial services.


We are committed to safeguarding our customers and investors through clear governance, risk controls, and other protective measures that ensure the safety and confidentiality of data and information. Our customer grievance and dispute management framework are designed to protect our customers' rights and ensure their satisfaction.


At Naboot Micro Lending Company (Awn), we pride ourselves on our commitment to fair and transparent products, services, and pricing. Our mobile application offers advanced features that enhance customer experience and rewards usage and loyalty.




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